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    What Marketers Say

    If you're a marketer looking for a thought partner to help guide you as you shape your career path or work through challenges, I highly recommend Marni.  She is an effective coach and mentor who sees things through the industry lens, which makes her especially effective.

    Client  Vice President, Marketing Strategy

    One of Marni's best qualities is her ability to ask questions, listen, then motivate. She made me realize that it's my own insights that will help me achieve my goals, plus her encouraging style and care about what's important to me quickly led to a lasting bond.                                     

    Client Chief Revenue Officer

    Marni’s expert macro view of our industry turned out to be the right combination for me.   I am now gainfully engaged in a few consulting projects that provide tremendous flexibility and allow me to keep an eye on an even bigger prize.                                          

    Client Chief Marketing Officer

    Life is Too Short
    Not to Love Your Career

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